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WE ARE OPEN!!! Monday-Saturday by appointment. Call 803.228.0316. We are located in the IMT Edgewater development on
4005 Flats Main Street Unit 100 Indian Land SC 29707

Please note our online store is under construction and will be available soon!

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About our services

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About Kimmarie Thybulle

MIXED GIRL MAGIK was founded by Kimmarie Thybulle who has extensive experience in the spiritual and healing business. She has clients in 10 states. She has done multiple client cleanses as well as spiritual house cleanses. She works with crystals, candles and herbs. She also does Reiki I,I I and medical. 


About Mixed Girl Magik

MIXED GIRL MAGIK is a spiritual and healing business enterprise that caters to the need of their community members by the provision of a spiritual supply store and hosting spiritual classes.

At MIXED GIRL MAGIK, we believe in the unending interlocked

reality of life as a journey/ pathway with lots of ongoing

experiences that triggers change from the known to the unknown and this is a trigger to both our mission of becoming one of the most popular spiritual supply store.. This can only be achieved by the vision to continuously put in best efforts in our goals and objectives so as to make the best possible impact that one could think of in our target customers.

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57 people said something nice about us

“Mixed Girl Magik came out to my house in December to do a spiritual cleaning on my house after my husband passed away and do a spiritual cleansing plus reading on me. There was a lot of negative and ...“

Danielle Gori

I’m a client for 2 years now. I have been amazed by her intuitiveness and connection to the spiritual world that is unmatched. She was introduced to me by my daughter who read on the spot when she was a hair client of hers. My daughter knows that I love to be connected to the world of spiritually as well as physically and sometimes need a medium in order to do so. She immediately told me things that no one would know because I never shared them. She was very on point and has become my spiritual advisor on several occasions...“

Tonya Tolson

“I received a reading from Kimmie that really openend my eyes to some very important matters of the heart. It was amazing how much detail and accuracy that Ms.Kimmie was able to provide on serveral issues discussed. Ms.Kimmie is a very talented Reiki person that is clairvoyant...

Darryl P. Young

This life we live brings significance beyond our daily comprehension. We have all experienced the unexplained, the “I had a feeling”, the “Something told me and “Didn t that seem strange?” I thinkk it goes without saying that there is a spiritual existence that our energy desires to connect with. Some of us have even spoken to Psychics”, or Telepaths before and the experience may have been a bit lack luster. However, what ever your experience; you should open your energy to Kimmarie. Her gift and clarity joins the dimensions. Speaking with her and being present in the faith that she had to trust her gift goes without saying. There are ...“

Chiquita Cuyler

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